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Our Journey to Bring Health, Wellness, and Awareness to Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra

The Mandich Family is originally from Bishop, California and founded Owens Valley Drug. While growing up working in the pharmacy, Nick Mandich III realized there was much more to health and wellness than pharmaceutical drugs. When he met a young free spirited hippie named Denise, they fell in love in Mammoth Lakes. And, they decided to raise children and make the Eastern Sierra their home.


As their passion for well being and nutrition grew, they came upon an opportunity to purchase and take over a health food store in 1992. This was the beginning of a new era for them, and a quest to bring awareness and availability to their town of Mammoth Lakes. They built a solid foundation for growth, as both the town of Mammoth Lakes and the health industry began to expand, and Sierra Sundance Whole Foods was born. 

Daughters, Tanya Klein and Silena Mandich grew up working in the family business. The two sisters took over the family business in 2005, and decided to expand the store.

Now a 3000 Sq. Ft. neighborhood market, where your health has always been number one, Sierra Sundance Whole Foods has an even larger selection.


Successfully in business for over 27 years, Sierra Sundance Whole Foods has grown immensely and continues to stay a tight knit, family owned and operated business. 


Sierra Sundance Whole Foods is the place to shop for any natural food advocate. Not only do we have a Grab N Go selection with freshly made soups and sandwiches, we also have a daily selection of organic grocery items, natural and eco friendly personal care and household items, natural meats and seafood, cutting edge supplements and of course organic produce. We are committed to your health, with free advice and nutritional help. And, continued improvements combined with a passion for health and wellness will always keep Sierra Sundance updated with the latest things to keep you healthy and strong. 

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